Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS, FABI, is an exhibiting artist, a published and performing poet, and an award winning and honored master educator, child advocate and activist, holding graduate degrees with honors in education and psychology. She is an Educational Consultant and Sound Therapist in Private Practice. She is the founder of APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™ and APOGEE Acu-Tone™. She has been elected to Who's Who Historical Society, 2001-2002 , Empire Who’s Who, 2002-2003, in recognition of her entrepreneurship, outstanding community service and leadership benefiting children and families with special needs. Rose Marie has been awarded and named International Poet of Merit, 2002 and is published in several anthologies of poems: Chorus of the Soul, 2000, International Library of Poetry, Poetry's Elite, The Best Poems of 2000, Finding Your Wings, 2003, International Library of Poetry, The International Who’s Who in Poetry, 2004 and 2005, Timeless Voices, 2006, Editor’s Choice Award, International Library of Poetry, Forever Spoken, 2007, Editor’s Choice Award, International Library of Poetry. Over seventy of her most recent poems have been accepted by the International Society of Poets for publication in upcoming anthologies. For her overall accomplishments in the academics and the arts she has been selected to hold the title WOMAN OF THE YEAR - 2002 - 2004 and declared an Eminent Fellow by the American Biographical Institute.

Rose Marie sees art as a way to perceive, as a state of being that translates concept, thought and experience to form and color. She states that her watercolor paintings are visual metaphors. When asked about her skyscapes, Rose Marie responds, "The sky is an ever changing panorama of calm, storm and beauty - and so with our shared lives. The sky is a reflection of all forces operative and expressive." Her work has defined art as the timeless aspiring creation of beauty in form, in word, in deed, in thought.

Rose Marie has exhibited throughout Rockland County, New York, has been a featured artist in galleries of New York and for several years has been an exhibitor at the New York City, Gracie Square Art Show. Her work has received noted praise in juried shows. Her watercolors are in private collections in Europe as well as in the United States.

Poetry and Artistry

The Artist's Quatrain

This canvas innocent of touch
Bare, stark and white
Calls for strokes of soul
Imbued with color and light.


This everchanging firmament
I lovingly behold
Shades, hues and tones
By the light enfold
Sweeping streaks of colors ephemeral
Etch upon the soul.


the darkness will not be silenced
it calls out
and the light hears its cry.

colors upon a palette
yearnings within the soul.

with paint and brush
I hold this moment of change.